Spread the word, not the virus
Spread the word, not the virus

Coronavirus is hitting Black and Latino communities harder than any others in the United States.

Now you know, so what are you going to do about it?


Show Love... From a Distance.

Wear your mask the right way.
Boost your immune system through diet & exercise, & encourage your people to do the same.
Call, text & video chat to check in on friends & family, especially our elders.
Support local businesses when you can.
Vote & keep pressure on elected officials.

Big Facts

African-Americans make up 13% of America’s population and 30% of its COVID-19 cases to date.
Black and Latino communities have higher rates of the underlying conditions (hypertension, heart disease and diabetes) that can  increase likelihood of death from coronavirus.
49% of Latinos say they or someone in the household has taken a pay cut or lost a job —or both— because of COVID-19.